Women in AV (WAVE) Demographic Survey

We want to know who you are Women in AV! We are endeavoring for the first time to try to capture exactly who ARE the WAVE! This information will help us understand what sectors of the market we make up, how many women there are in our industry, and what gaps we have in where we stand today. This is designed for women only, but, we greatly appreciate the AVGent's support in spreading the word to all the women you know.

The results of this survey will be put into an infographic to assess where we currently stand and help us identify what types of opportunities we should offer to continue advancing the women who make up our industry. We are also developing demographics from these questions so we can get a sense of what our mentoring pool needs are. At times we’re asked about the type of women that are in our group and this will help us know our mentors better.

Please take this brief 6-8 minute survey to tell us about yourself and who you are as a Women in AV. All individual information you provide will be kept confidential. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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